Surbiton Internal Competitions 2019/20

Throughout the year there are Club Tournaments for all levels of players, whether you are a novice, veteran, or 'A-class' player. Entry to these is normally restricted to Club members. These events are ideal for improving your competitive croquet and also for meeting other players in the Club.

Winter 2019/20 Competitions


One-ball Competitions (Start 10am) are normally held on the first Sunday of each month during the winter starting in December.

An exception is in January when the 'Frostbite' one-ball tournament which is traditionally held on New Year's Day rather than the first Sunday on the month.


In the winter, bridge is played in the afternoon on the first Sunday of each month.

This is normally after the winter One-balls except not after the 'Frostbite' (when the 'Frostbite' is held on a different day) nor after the Charity one-ball heat.

For further information on bridge click here.


. Weather permitting there will be 'organised' roll-ups on five days a week:

GC handicap 'Boxes'

The GC Winter handicap 'Boxes' can be found here

Previous results and winners

The full results of 2019's summer competitions can be found by clicking here

The names of previous winners can be seen in the Trophy Cabinet.

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