The club is fortunate to have among its membership a number of qualified coaches. Coaching of club members by club members is free of charge.

Introductory Coaching

Introductory courses are organised throughout the year and are designed so that you can try croquet with minimal expenditure. Part I of the course introduces you to the basics of playing croquet and the Golf Croquet game. The 90 minute lessons start at 2.00pm (or 6pm for those unavailable during the day). The first three weeks teach the techniques of play and the rules of Golf Croquet; the second three weeks you will play games with a mentor.

The first of the six weekly lessons is free. After that, we ask for £30 to cover the rest of the course - that payment is then deducted from the first year's annual membership subscription for those joining the club by the end of the course.

After the Part I Course, there is an optional Part II of 3 lessons for those wishing to learn more about the Association Croquet game.

We supply all the equipment, but please wear flat shoes and be aware that, unlike some sports, croquet can be played in all weathers.

For more information, email:

Further Coaching

The Croquet Association Coaching Academy

The Croquet Academy has been created as a centre of excellence for Croquet Tuition in the UK. It is located at Sussex County Croquet Club in Southwick (near Brighton). A comprehensive programme of group courses has been created for players of all levels, covering both Association and Golf Croquet. The current schedule of courses and further information are available at:

Sources of Additional Information on How to Play Croquet

One of our members, Dr Ian Plummer maintains the Oxford Croquet site and its excellent and extensive list of material aimed at helping players to improve their game. Access "How to Play" at:

See also Paddy Chapman's Website.


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