CA Listed Tournaments 2017

CA listed tournaments are organised at Surbiton Croquet Club throughout the year.
For entry details see the CA Fixtures' Calendar.
All tournaments start at 9.30 unless otherwise stated.
For vacancies see the vacancies webpage.
For lawn speeds see the lawn speeds webpage.

The following are entries in the 2017 CA Fixtures Calendar:

Weekend Handicap Tournaments

Previous winners:   (a) ,   (b) ,   (c),
Dates : (a) 14-15 April, (b) 24-25 June, (c) 7-8 October
Manager: (a) Andy Dibben (b) Tim Dutton (c) Martin Burger
Entries: Allocation Date: (a) 4 March (b) Entries accepted in receipt order (c) 12 August
Closing Date: (a) 31 March (b) 10 June (c) 23 September
Format : AMD (a)&(b) Handicap AC
(c) Handicap Advanced AC.
Holders : (a) (The Urn) Mark Avery(b) Joe Pinold (c) (The Ark) Geoffrey Johnson
Exceptions and Additions to Tournament Regulations:
            1. In the event of over-subscription on the Allocation Date, 50% of places will be reserved for Surbiton members.
            2. Play will begin at 9.00 am in the October tournament.

Handicap Speed Doubles

Previous winners
Dates : 6 May
Manager: George Noble
Entries: Allocation Date: 1 April
Closing Date: 30 April
Format : Full games in an American Block. 6 pairs only. Handicap AC doubles.
Trophy: The Nelson Morrow Tray (Holders : Andy Dibben & Mike Lambert)
Exceptions and Additions to Tournament Regulations, as above, plus:
            1. The white clothing rule will not be enforced.
            2. Players should enter either as a pair or singly to be paired up by the manager.

Weekend Open Tournaments

Previous winners:   (a),   (b).
Dates : (a) 16-17 April, (b) 16-17 September
Manager: (a) Kevin Carter (b) David Mooney
Entries: Allocation Date: (a) 4 March (b) 22 July
(a) If oversubscribed on this date, priority will be given to entrants with the best current ranking.
Closing Date: 30 April (b) 2 September
Format : (a) Swiss or AMD. Level Advanced AC. The Robert Prichard Trophy (Holder : Tournament abandoned due to heavy rain)
(b) Flexible Swiss qualifier to semi-final and final. Level Advanced AC. Restricted to players with handicaps 0-8.
Holder: David Mooney

The 49th Championship of Surrey

Previous winners
Dates : 4-6 August
Manager : Samir Patel
Entries: Allocation Date: (a) 11 July
Closing Date: 25 July   Draw: 29 July
Event 1: Championship of Surrey
Format : Best of 3, 3/5/7 hour time limit: best of 5 may be played in later rounds, AMD, Level Advanced AC.
Maximum of 30 players.
Modified Swiss plate event with final day knockout.
Trophy:The Surrey Cup (Holder: Stephen Mulliner)
Event 2: Plate
Format : Modified Swiss with final day knock-out. Level Advanced AC.
Trophy: The Hazel Kittermaster Trophy (Holder: Christian Carter)

Golf Croquet Championship

Previous winners
Dates : 22-23 April
Manager : Donald Beck
Entries: Allocation date: 18 February. Closing date: 1 April
Places: 24 entrants at most accepted.
Format: Best of three knock-out, possibly preceeded by blocks. GC (Level)
Trophy: Surbiton Golf Croquet Championship Cup (Holder: James Goodbun)

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