Surbiton GC Handicap Doubles (Draw and Process) - DRAW 2018

Best of three - handicap play

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Round 1
Play by: 15th June
Quarter Final
Play by : 1st July
Play by : 1st August
Play by : 1st September
Draw Winner
To play Process winner
Sue and Bernard Pendry 5/7 7/5 7/5
Charles Harvey and Charlie Sturge 


Roger Mackinnon and Sue Clifford-Jones  7-5. 7-6


John Dawson and Barry Holland
Toni Richards and Connie Savory
John Dawson and Barry Holland 7-3,7-6.
Roger Mackinnon and Sue Clifford-Jones rogerinn
Roger Mackinnon and Sue Clifford-Jones
Val Hitchens and Maureen Asker
Vicky Hilton and Maxine Holland
Hugh Stevenson and Alan Grundy
Vicky Hilton and Maxine Holland 7-6, 7-6
Linda and Julian Sheraton-Davis 
Linda and Julian Sheraton-Davis  7/5 7/4


Barry Viner and Jo luck 
Carol Collins and Cliff Hunter 

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