Croquet is almost unique as a sport insofar as handicapping is so well organised that close competitive handicap games can be played and enjoyed between players of all standards, even between relative beginners and internationals. Handicap games are played during all club 'Roll-ups'.

Handicapping in croquet is administered by the Croquet Associaion.

To see "Principles and Overview of Croquet Handicapping" on the CA website, click here.

For Handicap Guidance and Procedures, issued by the CA's Handicap Committee, select the following:

Initial handicaps are established using the following proceedures:

Note in particular that members are required to maintain their handicap cards and to alter their handicaps recorded on the members' area of the CA website whenever thir handicap changes - the CA Office is no longer responsible for this. Players who do not have the means to do this should contact the club secretary.

For Members' current CA listed handicaps (as at 6/11/21), click here

Surbiton's Authorised Club Handicappers are:

For authorised Surbiton CA Handicappers, click here.

For shortened Association Croquet games, the full bisque allowance is reduced in accordance with Schedule 1 of the laws. This schedule can also be found on the noticeboard in the clubhouse. For the mathematically inclined the reduced bisques can be calculated by multiplying the full game allowance by 7/13 (14 point game), 9/13 (18 point game), or 11/13 (22 point game) and rounding the result to the nearest half bisque.

For Association games played to a 'base', each player is awarded the full bisque allowance that would apply when playing an opponent whose handicap was the base (unless the actual opponent has a handicap lower than the base). For shortened games played to a base, this full bisque allowance is first determined and then reduced in accordance with Schedule 1 above.

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